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Machine builder

Efficiency, reliability and flexibility are fundamental to your clients reaching their production objectives.  The equipments they purchase from your enterprise must help them reach these goals. Centris allows you to raise the global quality of your equipments and therefore increase client satisfaction. We develop flexible solutions, using a collaborative process having quality as the main objective, relying on time-proven methods and technologies. We accompany you every step of the way in the development of your equipments and will be there to follow their evolution. By working with us, you can focus your energies on your field of expertise, while we handle the automation component.

Our expertise

  • R&D in line with your product development efforts;
  • Real-time control according to the 61131-3 standard, using established brands;
  • Full integration services with your clients’ systems;
  • Flexible and modular controllers, with supplied source code;
  • Long distance telemetry;
  • Graphical user interfaces, web access.