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Redundancy and system availability are crucial to your enterprise. Centris offers you solutions that allow you to take control of every aspect of your production floor’s applications and automated systems. Centris Technologies is there to assist your development team and to supply programming services as well as technical assistance for the control systems of your production plant.  We can take on a lead role to manage your automated systems, or take on a support function during peak production periods with an ultimate goal of minimizing down time and maximizing the efficiency and redundancy of your automated systems.

Our expertise

  • Major PLC brands (AB, Siemens, Omron, ...);
  • Major SCADA systems (Wonderware, PCVue, WinCC, RSView, ...);
  • On-call support plans: annually or hourly;
  • Production data acquisition, efficiency reports and key indicators;
  • Third-party interfaces (industrial protocols, web services, SQL, ERP);
  • Graphical user interfaces, giant screens, web access.