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Technical support

Centris offers round-the-clock support and maintenance services  for the systems it develops or those of a third-party already installed in your plant. An approach favoring long-term partnerships is the philosophy behind the services Centris offers its clients and, as well, its corporate mindset.

Our expertise

Basic product support plan

This support plan is provided automatically and free of charge with the purchase of any product and remains valid for 3 to 6 months depending on the type of product. This support covers installation and basic usage of the covered product and all development environments supplied by Centris for its projects (ISaGRAF, PCVue, RSLogix, WonderWare, ect...)

Extended support plan

This plan offers extended support help to Centris products. It goes beyond the basic product support plan. This plan also covers ‘’How to’’ type situations of a much higher level than that provided by the basic plan. Contact us for more information.

Round-the-clock turn-key support plan

This plan only covers turn-key systems developed by Centris and offers immediate technician or engineer support  no matter the day or time. Contact us for more information.