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Industry 4.0 solutions

Modern production environments have to produce a minimum of data indicating, to everyone involved in the course of operations, the actual production states versus the given objectives. Centris Technologies' expertise with data aquisition, key indicators calculation and display allows us to provide you with a complete functionnal system, tailored to your specific needs. We have developed solutions that are easy to implement to gather the information, process it and display the results on giant screens, mobile devices and other media. All our solutions are based on COTS SCADA packages and are simple, flexible and easily maintained by your staff.

Our expertise


  • Connection to existing equipment for data aquisition;
  • Instrumentation and PLC addition to integrate manual equipment;
  • Connections to all brands of PLCs.;
  • Wired or wireless technologies;
  • Interface with ERP systems, key indicators, production statutes;
  • Visualisation on graphical interfaces, giant screens, web and mobility mobile devices.