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Founded in 2003, Centris Technologies offers specialized know-how related to real-time and "Industry 4.0" software development as well as cutting-edge products for the industrial automation sector. Our services cover every possible project step, from initial concept and feasibility right up to start-up and support for the involved control system.

Centris Technologies follows the strictest development methods and standards, keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is total quality for its clients and their projects. We therefore allow our clients to securely and efficiently manage their industrial processes and maintain complete ownership of the systems deployed by Centris.

Recipient of many excellence awards in 2012, including an Operational Excellence prize for a control system deployed to the United States (Manufacturing Leadership 100) and its 66thranking on the Top 200 Fastest Growing Canadian Companies solidify Centris’ position as a trustworthy partner and supplier of cutting-edge solutions for the automation market.


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