Development of embedded software within your equipment as well as application backends to maximize the user experience of your customers. Quality and reliability are key issues.

On-board controls on PLC

Focus on the machine, we’ll focus on the code that makes it work

Centris is able to work with you, during the development of your machine or equipment, and support the automation portion. 

The design and manufacture of the electrical panel, the help to choose the instrumentation as well as the programming of the controls under PLC are part of the services that we can offer.

Microcode and backend web application

Your product needs a microcode in order to operate?

Some smaller products (think “smart thermostat”) need a microcode on a small processor. 

In addition, some products require a web-based application to allow users to log in to view or manage data. 

Centris Technologies is able to take charge of these developments and manage all the operations of assembly, programming and logistics for you.


The following customers have trusted us to support them in the development of their products.

Logo Hurco


Indianapolis (IN), US

Hurco is a world-class manufacturer of digital machine tools. 

Centris provides a real-time software development platform for the management of machine systems (doors, cutting fluids, engine controls, button interfaces), in addition to having designed the overall architecture of the application with them. 

All this has been integrated with their unique conversational software to offer an ultra-modern product to their customers.

Logo Water Protec


Candiac (QC), Canada

Water-Protec offers a cutting-edge product and service for protection against water damage in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Centris Technologies acts as Water-Protec’s technology partner and has worked on physical (hardware) development and embedded software development that includes automated product control features. 

We have also developed their web platform with the capabilities of data acquisition, data analysis and automated notifications in case of detection of water leaks or anomalies.

Logo Bombardier transport

Bombardier Transport

Saint-Bruno (QC), Canada

Bombardier Transport (now under the Alstom banner), has been developing rail vehicles for decades. 

Centris provided technical support and software platforms for the development of vehicle control software. 

Systems such as door management, ventilation, brakes and other vehicle components are monitored in real time and data is reported to the train operator in the locomotive.

Logo SAMI4

SAMI 4.0

Varennes (QC), Canada

The Intelligent Multifunction Agricultural System (SAMI) from Lapalme Agtech is a revolutionary system for fruit and vegetable harvesting. 

In collaboration with Lapalme Agtech, the Centre de Robotique et de Vision Industrielle (CRVI), the Institut National de l’Optique (INO) and LEM Technologies, we have developed this fully automated agricultural equipment that detects vegetables in fields (vision), characterizes (vision), harvests (robotics), if desired characteristics are met, measures harvest performance (SCADA), logs data (SCADA) and makes all the results of each harvest available on a web platform. 

Specifically, Centris Technologies was responsible for the development of the global control system for the equipment, the operations interface, the data acquisition system and the web platform.


Here are some frequently asked questions about software system implementation and automation. If you have any further questions, contact the Centris team.

By working in partnership with you and understanding the full life cycle of your machine, Centris is able to guide you in selecting the best control approach for your machine, while taking into account the needs of your customers and your market. For example, for large machines, the deployment of a solution based on a PLC would be ideal, but for a smaller machine, a small RaspberryPi type onboard controller or similar would be the preferred approach. In both cases, Centris can be your integrating partner for the control portion of your machine.

Much like the machine manufacturer, we can work with you from the design of your product to develop both the electronic control portion and the web management application. For example, for a small smart product (the size of a small computer, a controller based on a RaspberryPi or similar processor could be considered. For even smaller devices (think residential thermostat), then a custom printed circuit board is required. In both cases, Centris can be your integrating partner for the control and cloud portion of your product.

This is where Centris plays an important role. With our technological watch and our varied projects, we are able to choose platforms that have the flexibility to evolve with your products over time. As market needs change and you plan for future releases of your products, we are there with you to also design the appropriate control portion and ensure that everything converges for the eventual launch.

In fact, the life of a control solution is essentially the life of your machine or product. As explained above, choosing the control platform will take into account the full life cycle of your machine or product. An industrial machine with a lifespan of 50 years will be equipped with robust industrial controllers supplied by industry giants like Siemens and Rockwell to name a few. For a consumer product with a lifespan of 5 years, then a cheaper platform with a shorter shelf life is possible.



You profit from the extensive experience of Centris technologies in control platforms.


Transfer of responsibility of the controls to a specialized team allowing you to focus on the development of your machines and products.


Accelerated development time of the first prototype and marketing.


Facilitated technical support, we take care of your customers' technical assistance.

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