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Developing a control platform for industrial processes requires a complete mastery of the issues and subtleties, from the point of view of the many stakeholders.

Manufacturers facing resource challenges

Value your key employees, automate repetitive tasks

Employees are the key resources in the manufacturing world.  Some repetitive production processes can be automated to allow you to reassign your resources to more complex and rewarding tasks. 

Centris, together with its mechanical and vision partners, is able to provide modern automation solutions that are easily integrated into your production processes.

Operations management and production data

Furthermore, Centris solutions generally include industrial software that enables production management (MES tools) as well as the supervision and data collection of your processes (SCADA tools). 

All this to feed your ERP data and produce performance indicators that will be displayed on giant screens, through web pages and on your smartphones.  You will have full visibility of your processes, automated or not.

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Solutions, but above all, needs

Our range of solutions is vast but always starts with the same step: understand and target your needs.  It is not a question of following a trend or implementing all the concepts conveyed by the “digital shift”, but rather of identifying what your issue is, what your opportunities are and what solutions will really bring you added value.

Possible solutions: SCADA, PLC, vision, robotics and other platforms

  • Programmable machines and process controllers
  • Vision systems, robots and process mechanization
  • Supervision of machinery, production lines and industrial processes
  • Alerts and notifications, trends and logs
  • Performance reports, traceability, web portals
  • Giant screens, GRT, KPI and other “real-time” production data



We can help you optimize the control applications of your equipment and build software solutions to monitor and acquire data from your various process steps.


Recipe management, quality control, data traceability and productivity and waste monitoring, in an automated and computerised context, are key benefits for any food or beverage producer.


Formula management, control accuracy, process stability and traceability are essential elements for optimized productivity.


Development of embedded software within your equipment as well as application backends to maximize the user experience of your customers. Quality and reliability are key issues.

Case studies

Specific needs, deep integration of Centris solutions into critical operations in large companies.

Automation and management of production processes

Logo Home Hardware

Home Hardware

Burford (ON), Canada

Home Hardware, the Beauti-Tone Paints products division, has been operating a paint and household products production plant since the 1980s. 

The automated controls at this plant had reached the end of their useful life and were no longer supported by either the manufacturer or the original integrator.

An evolving and constantly changing system

Centris has developed a control system and SCADA/MES that covers the entire production operations of the plant.  The system manages more than 80 tanks and reactors and executes more than 15 recipes per day.  In addition, 12 filling lines totalling approximately 50 machines were integrated into the SCADA system to allow their supervision.

And the benefits?

Before the complete overhaul of the automated control systems, the customer was no longer able to implement improvements within the system and there was room for improvement in the performance of the fillable lines. 

The new system is scalable, connected to the customer’s ERP and has resulted in a 30% reduction in the time spent on important factory-produced product filling activities.

peinture automatisation controle
Home Hardward automatisation controle

Security and Redundant Control Architecture

Logo Wajax

Wajax Power Systems

Drummondville (QC), Canada

Wajax Power Systems was contracted to provide a suite of emergency generators for the Point-Lepreau Nuclear Station in New Brunswick. 

For this project, the controls of the generators, as well as the building housing them, had to be redundant and SIL certified.

Highly regulated environment

Centris has developed the architecture based on the ControlLogix brand programmable automaton from Rockwell Automation.  Centris also took into account the strict nuclear standards, seeing as the documentation and validation of this system was also part of the deliverable. 

In addition, given the complexity of the project and the number of stakeholders, Centris was awarded the overall project management contract.

The result?

The system which is fully validated and in line with applicable standards, has been in operation for almost 8 years. 

These generators, the plant’s third pair of emergency power supplies, now provide electricity to operate the reactor’s cooling pumps in the event of a natural disaster or loss of power to the main power grid.

WAJAX Automatisation controle
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