Food industry

Recipe management, quality control, data traceability and productivity and waste monitoring, in an automated and computerised context, are key benefits for any food or beverage producer.

For complete production lines

Process execution in a precise and traceable manner

Centris Technologies develops its solutions of supervision and control of complex systems based on recognized methods and solutions adapted to your specific needs.

Our supervision solutions allow the control and monitoring of the performance not only of a piece of equipment but also of complete production lines (multi-equipment).

We support you in setting up a tailor-made system, depending on your precise operations and the data you need (rate of return, quantities produced, rates, weights, dosages, temperatures, etc.).

Following that, we remain available to you, according to your needs, throughout the life cycle of your system.

Massive data…without the paper

Digitization of production management processes – a key issue

Are the robustness, reliability and logging of your batch and production data fundamental issues for your business? The regulatory requirements of the food industry impose rigour now and will continue to evolve in the years to come.

The guarantee of a quality, reliable, secure, efficient, scalable and adapted management environment becomes a crucial advantage for your operations.

Data integration with your ERP is also an integral part of Centris’ offering.


The following customers have seen their operational reality drastically changed by the implementation of modern digital production solutions.

Logo Bonduelle


Saint-Césaire (QC), Canada

A giant in the food industry, Bonduelle offers several hundred varieties of fruits and vegetables through a wide range of canned, frozen or fresh products. 

Bonduelle uses a data acquisition management system to monitor in real time its production performance and the causes of productivity loss on its various multi-equipment lines.

The global monitoring system is connected with the different automated figures and multiple equipment sensors to ensure real-time capture of events on the production line. We worked with them to modernize and add functionality to their platform.

Logo Splendid Chocolates

Chocolats Splendide

Montréal (QC), Canada

Manufacturer of fine chocolates for their own brand as well as for well-known brands. 

In addition to having automated a new machine developed by them, Centris has also deployed a production supervision system.

Since the vast majority of operations are manual, it was imperative to measure and display the yields in real time to achieve results.

Logo DaysonAV

Dayson Agricultural Ventilation

Richmond Hill (ON), Canada

The mandate was to design and build a new vegetable warehouse controller. This controller had to be equipped with a user interface and contain the logic necessary to carry out the air conditioning of the warehouse. 

All this to allow a better conservation operation, throughout the winter and prevent vegetables from rotting, drying or germinating prematurely. 

A database is used to maintain and historize information on the progress of the process. Customers can view alarms, if applicable, via the web or their smartphone.


Here are some frequently asked questions about software system implementation and automation. If you have any further questions, contact the Centris team.

In general, Centris can help you identify a “pain point” in your operations that may be the subject of an initial deployment. For example, a machine that is critical to your operations and that falls into a non-planned shutdown too often, could be subject to instrumentation and supervision to determine the causes of shutdowns and allow preventive measures to be deployed.

Most of the time we use products that are very adapted to your operational reality and configure them according to your specific needs and not the opposite. Products such as PcVue, Ignition (With or without Sepasoft) and CooX have proven themselves in many food installations, both in process supervision and in manufacturing operations management.

The typical lifespan of a supervision system is easily 15 years or more. In fact, with routine updates of the application and operating systems, mainly to avoid the programmed obsolescence of Windows platforms, such a system has an infinite theoretical life.

This is obviously very variable. As an example, a small chocolate production plant instrumented 4 production lines with a simple small yield monitoring system for about $20,000. In contrast, a paint manufacturer implemented a computerized supervision system of 12 chemical filling lines totaling more than 60 machines for approximately $350,000, including integration with the ERP.



Improved GRT, reduced unplanned downtime.


Significant reduction in time required to complete certain tasks.


Automatically accumulated data for all processes and batches. Complete traceability of operations.


Reduced staff training and increased operator confidence.

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